Gift Guide



What better way than a gift guide to express our 2 greatest passions in life--dressing and parenting our children? Sources are linked; just click on the pic or head to the blog on our website. 
01- This bath bomb from LUSH is a must-try, truly. Shea butter  melts into the bath water and it's after bath feels like a full-body lotion application without any effort. Awesome hack for dry winter skin and eczema. Bonus--we love it that this company sells products that are hand made, ethically made, vegetarian, and never tested on animals. 
02- We've curated a collection of wear-with-everything socks and tights from our fave brand, Collegien. Beauty and luxury for little feet, all the way from France. Our baby booties are another excellent gift idea, for your own baby and your friend's. :) 
03- If you've never read it, run don't walk to your copy of "Whole Brain Child" for a useful and incredible, neuroscience based approach to raising children. Along those lines, we love Janod's take on helping kids regulate emotions through naming them. This magnetic game uses play to help kids learn this important life skill.
04- A classic book with the most beautiful illustrations, "A Sick Day for Amos McGee" is at its heart a story of friendship and reciprocity. Amos cares for the animals, and when he's out sick, they show up to take care of him. The lovely pictures and soothing message lulls kids right to sleep at bedtime. 
05- We welcome you to the world of Waldorf with these truly beautiful play silks, posted here through one of our favorite online toy shops, Bella Luna Toys. This is the kind of "toy" that never gets old. It's a cape, then it's a doll blanket, next it's the blue water of a pretend lake, or the orange fire of a pretend campfire. We've had these for years and they're played with on the regular. 
06- Oh my. For the moms and dads among us who swoon over children's shoes, I have to say that these are truly exquisite. The Eugens shoes are made in France and Spain. They'll have you looking for them in adult sizes (spoiler: like Tricks, they're just for kids). 
07- Now here's a surprising find on a children's gift guide. But trust us, this is just the kind of gift that makes everyone happy. When Supernanny was big, I read a great tip in her book called the "involvement technique." It is simply involving kids in whatever you're doing in order to keep them engaged in activity and out of mischief. A kitchen item like this for making guacamole together or even something like a hand mixer or set of spatulas can make a kid quite proud (and rightly so) and useful in the kitchen too. Cooking provides great sensory experiences--think colors, textures, smells, and teaches kids life skills at the same time.  
08- I picked these up at a local boutique one year and soon I noticed my kids were selecting them over all the others in their drawer (even the ones with cartoon characters on them!). I mean, who wouldn't want cotton/bamboo undies that feel like a second skin? Kyte makes great jammies and boy boxers too, even some things for mom, if I'm not mistaken. 
09- One of my girls picked this little guy up on a recent road trip we took to North Carolina, and he's quickly become our family favorite. He's so ugly he's cute and I can't think of anything better than a little fuzzy ostrich sticking out of a stocking this year (except for maybe the baby flamingo they make). Jelly Cat is a forever favorite for snugglies.
Happy shopping! We hope you'll find some fun and unique gifts for your little loves. When you do, please tell us all about it. If there's a Harbour gift we can help you with, don't hesitate to let us know how we can make your holidays a success.