About Harbour

I fell in love with Harbour clothing the moment I saw it. The relaxed designs and natural fibers of the clothing complimented my children's playful spirits perfectly. They wore the clothes like a breeze. The philanthropic mission of the company to raise money for children in foster care spoke to my heart. When Harbour’s founder, Lissa Gunn, was called to pursue other opportunities, I excitedly welcomed the chance to keep her beautiful brand alive. It is my most heartfelt honor to continue to produce coastal-inspired, high quality children’s clothing with a philanthropic mission to help those most in need of our love and care.

Harbour was born as a throwback to Lissa’s Gulf Coast upbringing – where practical and playful garments serve as the foundation for a youth spent exploring the shore.  Taking a conscious approach through both its mission and design principles, Harbour combines purposeful details crafted in soft, lightweight fabrics in simple silhouettes, All Harbour products are ethically made from the finest materials in factories within the U.S.  Whenever possible, environmentally friendly fabrics are sourced. 

Harbour is available exclusively at shopharbourclothing.com and shipped directly to customers.