Why Harbour Clothing? A letter from Kate

“Let’s get comfy!” I really believe these may be my 3 favorite words. There is nothing better in my estimation than coming in from a long day (or a fabulous adventure) and getting into something soft and light. When I had my first baby, I wanted to dress him in all the adorable things. There were so many cute options and I loved them all.  I’ve grown up in the south with a lot of beautiful smocking and tight elastic. When we dress up, we really dress up. But I soon discovered that outfitting my little one in embellished clothing and stiff fabric just made for a cranky baby (and thus, a cranky momma). Why would I want to clothe my baby in anything less than total comfort?

As a physician, I’ve treated lots of sensitive skin for painful outbreaks of eczema. Synthetic fabrics can trap moisture and lead to added skin irritation. In addition to recommending standard treatments, I’ve always advised parents I work with to take notice of clothing fabric content and fit.  Natural fabrics breathe and allow moisture to be wicked and evaporated away from our skin and are less likely to chafe against sensitive skin. 

Child development is another area of concern for many parents, myself included. We all want the best for our children, and particularly when it comes to shaping their minds. Children are naturally curious—they are born learners. Their minds develop through constant exploration of their environment. This meant choosing clothing that would move WITH him and not restrain him from his explorations. Children should be able to move their arms and legs with ease, crawl, climb, jump, and run. Equally important is that they feel the textures around them, grass under their toes and the wind on their skin.

All of this translated into all-natural fabrics for my baby, and now for my designs at Harbour Clothing. In addition to comfort, I've committed to minimizing exposure to harmful chemicals. No matter how cute the jammies, flame-retardant treated fabric has always been off-limits for us. We opt instead for tighter fitting cotton, linen, or wool for sleep. When it comes to daily wear, I want beautiful clothing made for adventure and exploration.  I love to see my children in clothing styles that reflect the unsurpassed beauty and innocence of childhood.

My hope is that Harbour Clothing styles will marry form and function to create a wardrobe carefully curated for my children and yours too. Get out there and explore, little ones! xx,


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