Lucy Cuneo is one of our all-time favorites for photography, art direction, and aesthetics. She is also a mom to Rory and Lettie! We were thrilled to sit down with her for a quick chat about all things style and parenthood.

THE MOM: Lifestyle Photographer and Tastemaker Lucy Cuneo, a Savannah School of Art and Design alum, named a "Top Photographer in the World" by Harper’s Bazaar. 


Cuneo with baby Lettie and son Rory

WHY WE LOVE HER: The escapism factor. The snapshots of Cuneo’s family and the beautiful ideas she whips up for them—all set against the backdrop of Martha’s Vineyard—is our kind of armchair travel inspiration.

Little Rory’s hand grabbing a strawberry from one of Cuneo’s picnic treats at home below. Who wouldn’t want to join that scene vicariously?!


HER FAMILY PHOTO ADVICE: There is no shame in the iPhone. “I’ve only photographed my children professionally a handful of times,” she says. “My favorite tricks are: get down on their level, get close (don’t zoom), snap a million, and make them laugh. I think so often with a professional shoot and a complete stranger in their face, it’s hard for children to warm up. You’re their best bet as a parent.”


Rory and Lettie

ON DRESSING HER CHILDREN: “My philosophy is to keep it simple. It’s easy to go crazy but they grow so fast so I just keep a few lovely things and rotate rather than feeling that they need it all, all the time. Who can keep up with that?”


HER FAVORITE HARBOUR PIECES: “For Lettie I love the cozy organic pants and top in ivory and all the bubbles, and I love the gauze henley for Rory!


Check out Lucy Cuneo's beautiful style and work at and on IG @lucycuneo

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