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Books That Bring Out Our Best

Dr. Kate Freeman is the creative mind behind Harbour but she’s also a full-time doctor and a mother of five. And she’s constantly on the hunt for empowering books that inspire women to be their best. Here are a few of her favorites:



 Happiest Baby on the Block

 “A must-have for first-time moms and dads. Let's face it, everyone NEEDS to know about swaddling and shushing.”


This Naked Mind 

“I love this because it's a real eye-opener and is more informative than instructive. It provides great insights on alcohol and how to make more conscious decisions about our relationships with it.”


Cassandra Speaks


“I've listened to the audiobook over and over again because I can't believe how blind I've been to the collective stories that have shaped me, my idea of myself, and our ideas of ourselves as women.”


On Mother's Lap


“The best book to give a mom having her second (or third, or fourth, or fifth) baby. The illustrations are beautiful as is the comforting message for moms and older siblings that there is always room on a mother’s lap for one more--although in my case, the room on my lap is somewhat metaphorical given that I have five!”


The Whole-Brain Child


“After years of reading parenting books, this one clicked. It's a neuroscience-based approach to parenting that offers both the big picture and advice that is practical in specific situations.”




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